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~ FAQ ~

How can we decide if we want you to be our wedding storyteller and how far in advance should we book you?


​If you love natural moments as much as I do, then we are a match! 

As you already noticed I have a photojournalistic/documentary style, focusing on capturing moments as they naturally unfold

without much intervention.

My goal is to tell YOUR story in a candid, authentic and unobtrusive manner, always looking for your best angle, 

only guiding you when needed and documenting every unique moment that will never repeat and with your photos you will be able to go back 

to this memories whenever you desire

What does your wedding packages include and how many hours of coverage do you recommend

for our wedding?

The time of photography coverage you need depends on the size of your wedding and the moments you would like us to document. 
An ideal time would be around eight hours of coverage, this way we can have getting ready shots, first look (unless you don't want to),

ceremony, reception, cake/party. It is super important to consider if there will be multiple locations,

to have the transportation time included on the coverage. 
For more intimate/smaller weddings, 4 hour coverage  would be enough



What are the benefits of having 2 photographers in our wedding day and is a second shooter included

in all the packages?


There are multiple reasons why most of our packages include a second shooter, we love having different perspectives simultaneously.

While one photographer focuses on the main events, such as the ceremony or first dance, the second photographer can capture candid moments, reactions, and details happening elsewhere

One photographer can focus on the couple, while the other can capture the reactions and emotions of family members, friends, and guests.

This ensures that precious moments, such as tears of joy, laughter, and heartfelt embraces, are documented comprehensively

With two photographers, tasks such as family portraits, bridal party photos, and venue details can be covered simultaneously,

saving time and allowing for a smoother flow of events. This ensures that the couple and guests can enjoy the wedding day

without feeling rushed or overwhelmed

We can also collaborate creatively, bouncing ideas off each other and experimenting with different techniques and compositions.

This collaboration often leads to more innovative and artistic images that capture the essence and uniqueness of your wedding day

In case of any unforeseen circumstances like equipment failure or illness, having two photographers provides a built-in backup.

It reduces the risk of missing critical moments during the wedding day and provides peace of mind for both the couple and the photographers



Do you have full availability on the wedding day for all the hours we need and can we pay for extra hours

aside of the ones contracted?


Yes, I never book anything else on a wedding day. Yes, you can add extra hours if something special is coming and our service is about to finish



Do you offer engagement sessions, casual or trash the dress?


I do! all of them 

Can you accommodate intimate or micro-weddings and can you capture moments that reflect our cultural

or individual identity?


Diversity is something I’m passionate about and would be a pleasure to document your cultural traditions, rituals and personal touches

that reflect your unique background and identity 

I find intimate weddings so special and beautiful, that's why I offer a smaller package which is available from monday to thursday 


Do you have experience shooting weddings at my venue? and what is the best time for a ceremony?


There is a high chance I have already been in your venue, nothing to worry if I haven’t because I will make a scouting before your wedding day

to make sure we have photos on the best spots 

The best time for your ceremony would be the afternoon (leaving at least 1-2 hr of daylight for family and couple photos

when the ceremony is over)

We don’t know how to pose, could you direct us? And do you require a shot list for family portraits?


I always try to keep photos as natural as posible, helping you feel comfortable and more the important thing is that you have a good time

while I document your love for each other, posing tips and subtle guiding will always be provided 

A list of family shots we can't miss is a must! Think about each group photo you want and add full names to help us do it quick so you can keep enjoying your day with your beloved ones 


How soon after the wedding will we receive the photos, how many images can we expect and are all them edited?~

24 hour after the wedding you will receive a preview, all images are professionally edited and delivered in HD jpg files through a personalized online gallery. The rest of the photos will be delivered only 3 weeks after the event 


What method of payment do you accept and what is the cost of prepayment to secure my date with you?


Payment methods we use are Payoneer, PayPal, Cash. We accept USD, MXN, CAD

30% down payment is required to book a date and the rest to be paid one week before the wedding


What are your cancellation policies and can we transfer our booking to a future date?


In case you have to cancel and let us know one month before the event, the 30% non-refundable payment can be used for a different date

or even transfer it to a friend 

What and when do you eat on our wedding day?


We would truly appreciate if you consider the photo team on your servings, if not please let us know to bring snacks.

The best time for us to eat is while the guests are eating too, this way we don’t miss any special moment


What backup plans do you have in case of emergencies?


This is something I don’t like to think about but it can happen so I got it covered, a wedding photographer whom I completely trust

with a similar style will be there to document your day


What if we have more questions?


Please contact me, +52 9841167586

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