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                           Pay attention. Relish the charms of the present. Enjoy today. It will be over before you know it


What is your photography style and how can we book you?


As you already noticed I have a photojournalistic/documentary style, focusing on capturing moments as they naturally unfold without much intervention.

My goal is to tell YOUR story in a candid, authentic and unobtrusive manner, always looking for your best angle, only guiding you when needed and documenting every unique moment that will never repeat and with your photos you will be able to go back to this memories whenever you desire

50% downpayment is required to book your session with me and the rest to be paid one day before the session 



What should we wear for the photoshoot?


I highly recommend wearing soft/neutral colors (no prints), light and airy fabrics, casual/relaxed style, you could look for a coordinated color palette. I’m here to help you choose your best outfit for the occasion and remember you could bring 2-3 outfits depending on the time we have for the photoshoot 


You could choose between 60 min or 90 min photoshoot and the best time to do it would be around one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset but we could do it anytime having on mind that the sun may be too bright for you to keep your eyes open :P



What happens if my child is uncooperative or has a meltdown during the shoot?


Don’t worry, this is more common than you think, they could have moments of resistance or just need a break, I will always guide the session to keep them engaged and relaxed. I just need you to focus on yourself and look amazing while I do anything to get your kids attention, let me do this job! 



Can we bring props or pets to the photoshoot?


Of course! Just let me know when you book me 



When will we receive the edited photos, and how many images will we get?


All photos will be professionally edited and delivered 3 days after the session, HD jpg files through a personalized online gallery 


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